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EDU is the short for 'education' and tiki is an abbreviation of TikiWiki. Since october 2002 TikiWiki is used in several educative contexts and this website is dedicated to help that use and gather useful components to make it easier.

Table of contents

Use the forums to talk/ask/discuss anything related to the Educational use of Tiki CMS/Groupware, suggest improvements, ... and, of course, test AulaWiki ! wink, and update the ToDo page smile )

About current developments of Tiki for EDU

  • There are tons of features that can be used in educational scenarios
  • Tiki logs the activity by user and by work, and has a simple interface for report generation, which can be exported: See Action log.
  • "Type of contribution" requested to users at post time, to enhance reflective and significative learning... See Contribution
  • AulaWiki & Workspaces: some adaptations of Tiki for educational contexts (Secondary schools, Universities, etc.), as well as the main new feature to help managing groups of resources, permissions and users in an easy way.
  • You can see Workspaces in action here on edu.tw.o: http://edu.tikiwiki.org/tiki-workspaces_desktop.php?workspaceId=2
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If you want to try AulaWiki workspaces, you can do it through joining us documenting them while you learn how they work. A kind of step by step AulaWiki-Tutorial-Step-by-step or screencast/video is needed. Login and you can add yourself as registered user to this workspace. To do so, once logged, follow these simple three steps:
    1. Click here (link to the "Admin" tab) of the workspace
    2. Press on the "add user" button,
    3. write your username in the "User name" box that will appear, and press "Add user" button.
      You are done. You'll see your self as user in the workspace members box on the main workspace desktop zone, and you'll see "Documentation on Workspaces" under the "My workspaces" section of the my workspaces module, in left column of the site.
      And read (while improving) the present documentation as a starter, of course! wink

  • Tutorial
    Page by page
    All in one page
English | AulaWiki-Tutorial | http://edu.tikiwiki.org/tiki-workspaces_view_structure.php?print=4
Spanish | AulaWiki-Tutorial,es (

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